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Name: Jennifer Smith

Birthday: March 15th1 1983

  • Her height is 5’3” 1
  • Graduated from Rowan university at the top of her class.
  • Her mom died of ovarian cancer when she was 16.1 picture of her mom
  • Her dad had prostate cancer but managed to beat it.1  2
  • Had won a free LASIK eye surgery contest from Kremer Eye Center. Had an entry video (set to private, help us
    find it) under the name MsStarAthlete. 1 2 3

    As of at least May 6th, 2012, she still seems to be using that username on youtube.

  • Used to be a Gymnast.[1]
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Her Name:

In the first year and a half of PrankvsPrank and first few months of BFVSGF, Jesse’s girlfriend went nameless.
Later, she will start going by the name Jeana. However, going back further a bit, before PVP, to Jesse’s BREAK.COM profile and some of their old pranks and videos will reveal that she used to go by a different name, which was said on several
occasions and places, here is a partial list of these occasions:

  • In the Funnel prank, Jesse calls her ‘Jenn’ to call out to her.
  • In Girl pranks dad, Jesse says “That was Jenn’s idea, I didn’t do it”.
  • In How to piss off your boyfriend, her friend Carly calls her Jenn (00:14) and Jesse says “Thanks, Jenn” (01:03)
  • In early seasons of MTV’s ‘Pranked’ they were known as “Jesse and Jen”

  • In this video they are referred to as “Jesse and Jennifer”.
  • Referred to as ‘Jenn’ throughout this entire video (including by Jesse at 2:48)
  • Referred to as Jenn in this video
  • Youtuber Olga Kay refers to her as Jen then corrects herself.
  • Nikki, from ‘Nikki and John Pranksters in Love' had revealed that Jeana's full name was Jennifer Smith in
    a comment made on one of her videos. Most comments were later deleted, but were captured in this video. and
    in screencaps

^this comment was deleted


The first recorded use of the name ‘Jeana’ was made by Charles Trippy on CTFXC’s video DUDE FLYING IN THE AIR! from November 14th, 2010.

Charles refers to her as ‘Wendy’ in a later vlog. He still messes up from time to time. (to time :P)

The first time “Jeana” was used in the BFVSGF vlog was by Jesse in Wing Bowl 2011 on February 6th, 2011,
and on PrankvsPrank in
Roaches in Butter Prank by Alli, on January 3rd,2011.

Before that, Jesse would refer to her in the vlogs as “she”, “her” or “my girlfriend”. On she was known as “Jesse’s girl” before she changed it to Jeana. You can slightly hear Jesse calling her Jenn at the end of ‘Dinner & A Movie

To avoid any unnecessary confusion, throughout this blog we will still call her Jeana.

Her occupation:

Although we were never explicitly told that, it is common belief among pvpeeps that Jeana’s job lies somewhere
in the medical profession. Clues to that are as follow:

  • In FUNNY KITTY she says she’s ‘doing some medical research’. Tho she doesn’t specifically say it’s for work,
    it is highly unlikely she’s doing it for fun. Or is it?
  • in SNEAKY, SNEAKY! when she ‘has to go to work’, you can see a stethoscope on the table next to her.

  • In COOKIE RAP! Jesse says she’s “performing Heart Surgery”. It was most likely a joke, tho.

  • She has a mug that says “Very Special Nurse” 1

  • In COO-OOOOOOOKIE CRISP you can hear Jesse’s friend asking her ‘Are you still working by the hospital?’.

What else do we know?
  • Seems to work mostly on Fridays. Time of day varies.

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